100,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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    Amini Island

    The Amini Island is at a distance of 407 km (220 nautical miles) from Kochi and located between Kavaratti Island in the south and Kadmat Island in the north. This island has an oval shape with a width of 1.20 km at the broadest point and a length of 2.70 km. It lies between 11o 06' and 11o 08' N latitude and 72o 42' and 72o 45' E longitude, having a land area of 2.60 sq km and lagoon area of 1.50 sq km. This oval shaped island is 2-3 m above the mean sea level, with a depression at the centre.

    Corals and sand stone is used for building purpose.Tallented craftsmen living here are famous for making walking sticks with tortoise shells and coconut shells.It's also famous for stone engrevers and has a rich tradition of fols songs.The island got its name for the Arabic word 'Amin' meaning "faithful" .

    The island has a post office and a hospital. The channel between Amini Island and Cardamom Island is safe and deep, but depths of less than 10 meters project 0.5 mile south from the south tip of the reefs surrounding Cardamom Island. Amini Island Light is shown on the south point of the island. The village is in the middle of the west side of the Island. A raised stone platform, with steps leading to the beach, is in front of the village.

    Amini Island was one of the first islands in the archipelago to be inhabited. The artisans on this island are known for making walking sticks out of coconut shells and tortoise shells as well as carved stone and coral motifs.

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