100,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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Lakshadweep Adventures

The Greatest Adventure Sports on the Planet Earth!



The search for the unknown is after all a basic human instinct. What lies beyond or beneath is more than what meets the eye. Visit the Silent, unexplored world where nature has not yet learned fear. Sit back, relax and choose from an incredible variety of activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, rowing, canoeing, water skiing and wind surfing, power boat handling, sailing, dingy sailing, hot dogging, raft building, white water rafting and angling. Visit Scuba Guide for more information.



Surfing as a Riding on waves toward the shoreline takes skill, stamina, and agility. After paddling to the point where waves are breaking, a surfer catches a wave and rides it using one of several basic moves.

In the bottom turn, a surfer turns the surfboard sharply off the trough at the base of a wave and uses momentum and speed gathered from the wave's motion to direct the surfboard up the face of the wave-the smooth section below the wave's white crest.

The basic idea behind surfing is to ride the unbroken portion of a wave for as great a distance as possible, using a variety of maneuvers to speed up, slow down, and maneuver around the breaking portion of the wave.

Proficient surfers continue to ride until the entire wave has broken and become whitewater.

Kite Surfing: Kite surfing has grown into one of the most radical new water sports ever. Advances in kite technology have made a massive difference. Once a very rare sport, kite surfing has now become commonplace in many part of the world.

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A wide variety of water sport activities for people of all ages to choose from

Sailing as a sport and recreation owes its creation to Piracy. The traders and sea farers were in deep trouble when they couldn't recover their lost assets from the sea thieves. Thus began building 'jaghtschips', or ' hunting ships', the word 'jaght' in Dutch means 'to hunt'. Yachting History


Yachting Safety

Yachting as a Sport and a source of recreation can be very exciting. However there are various safety precautions a Yachter must undertake and be prepared for. has here, some of the basic safety precautions listed which would be useful to a Yachter make his / her Yachting experience an enjoying and a memorable one. More Info

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