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Legal Services

In every human society, legal issues have always been there. The assistance of a learned Legal Advisor will be necessary for obtaining advice or conducting the case. Towards the end of page, you may find the name of legal institutions who are active in the public domain.

Any complaint against Lakshadweep Tourism? Let the fact speaks for itself!

Instances were many in the recent past where the enthusiastic tourists to the Lakshadweep were put to untold miseries and strain during the course of their trip to this exotic islands.

Such problems arose due to the sudden cancellation of resort/ship booking, allotting a lower class instead of deluxe class accommodation in the ship, irregular ferry service between the islands, irresponsible service pattern of the SPORTS management etc. In such situations, the tourists will be very unsatisfied and furious. And it is quite natural too. They will, and they must bring up the issue before the authorities.

If you have a grievance, you must definitely respond, but the right way. While doing so, it is desirable for them to have these guidelines in mind. Read at: Your guide to making a complaint or / Contact Us / or / Join Our Forum

About the Legal Help Desk. This is a Joint collaboration of 'Maritime Networks' and 'Legal Cell' This cell will mainly deal with matters containing serious legal issues, where mediation is required for amicable settlement out of court and if necessary, conducting litigation before the courts or tribunals. The main aim of this newly formed cell, will be to expedite justice, very economically and the aggrieved party will have the confidence that his or her complaint is being looked into in the most professional manner.

Another point to be specifically mentioned here is that, advice and consultation will be free of cost, while in cases where litigation is absolutely necessary, and if the aggrieved party agrees to the suggested fee structure, only then will the cell start judicial proceedings. In cases where immediate action is required, the cell will ensure that action is taken post haste, by way of the telephones, fax or E-mail.

Right To Information Act - Help Desk

It is a known fact that the islanders of Lakshadweep are facing multiple problems in their life due to geographical reasons on one side, which is multiplied many fold by the negative actions and attitude of the officials who are entrusted with the important responsibility of supporting the islanders and bring them up on par with those well educated, well cultured and well settle people of the main land. The local people have no basic knowledge of complaining before the appropriate offices or gathering information on any matter, that have adversely affected them....Read More RTI

The Kerala State Legal Services Authority (KELSA)

The LD Legal Services Authority, Legal Services in Lakshadweep.

LD State Legal Services Authority,
District & Sessions Judge, Lakshadweep,
Kavaratti Island-682555, Phone: 0489 6262323

The objective of KELSA is to provide legal services to the weaker sections of the society and thereby ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen due to economic or other disabilities. KELSA also organize Lok Adalats to secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunity.. Read More KELSA, The Kerala State Legal Services Authority

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Legal Cell
Indian Diaspora was a venue where very many Overseas Indians used to meet and discuss the problems that faced them. Nothing substantial had been done by the Government at the Centre or in the State.
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The Legal Services Authorities Bill, 1987, which was passed by both the Houses of Parliament, received the assent of the President on 11th October, 1987 and soon thereafter became an Act of Parliament under the short titles "The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987" (39 of 1987).

The Act except chapter III came into force in the whole of India with effect from 9.11.1995 by Notn. No. S.O. 893(E) dated 9.11.1995. Chapter III of the Act came into force in the State of Kerala with effect from 6.2.1998 by S.O. 107 (E) dated, 6.2.1998

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